Are you tired of the life of a part-time worker and are you sick and tired of 996? Stand up as a part-time worker and start your own business to become a boss! But starting a business is also difficult, are you at a loss for what to do without a business goal?2021 business with prospects this will tell you.


1. Business Services


Postal, printing and PC services and the sale of office products are all included in the broad business services sector. Aspiring business owners aspiring to open a business services-based company should likely focus on providing online-based services. ibis also says that while the e-commerce sector for businesses is growing, physical shops have grown at -1.9 per cent annually in recent years. Fortunately, conducting e-commerce can reduce upfront costs.


2. Food and Catering


With the current frequency of life in urban areas being so fast, and essentially everyone working multiple jobs for an average of 47 hours a week, not everyone can afford to cook for themselves. Fortunately, in today's strong economic climate, where more people are saving time by turning to delivery services, fast casual dining and full service restaurants, it is the perfect time to enter the food and restaurant industry. Coupled with the depression of everyone dining out during the epidemic, I believe the food and restaurant industry is poised to explode in the wake of the epidemic.


3. General Retail


If you are interested in selling goods or products in a retail environment, then there is a marketplace for this. The retail sector in general is another good example of a business that can thrive in both physical and e-commerce business models. The key to achieving success is understanding how people buy your products.


4. Health, beauty and fitness industry


The demand for health and beauty is booming in our economy at the moment and another niche market that is growing without much e-commerce competition is the health, beauty and fitness industry. From gyms and fitness franchises to day spas, medical spas and nutritional advice, the options here are endless. Although the industry is growing, according to IBISWorld, industry saturation has not yet peaked. More and more gyms are finding success in offering boutique workouts such as barbells or spinning, and the same is true for spas.


5. Automotive repair industry


If you are considering opening an automotive repair facility for your next small business, you could be on the road to success in no time. According to a report by IBISWorld, car maintenance and repair franchises have grown by 3.3 per cent over the past five years, with the industry reaching $8.1 billion. And several factors are driving the growth of this affordable industry. Cars are now better quality and last longer, which means that people no longer need to buy new cars, but instead put them through regular maintenance. This includes major bodywork and paint services, which account for about half of the industry's market share. Other popular services in the sector include oil and lubrication, transmission work and mechanical repairs. Due to the physical nature of these businesses, start-up costs in the automotive repair industry can be higher than average.


6. Home care industry


Young couples are now investing more energy in their work and the demand for home services is growing. IBIS expects the home premium care franchise to grow at an annual rate of 10.5% between now and 2022. Demand in the home care sector ranges from traditional care (57.3 per cent of the market share) to physiotherapy. With a growing consumer base and little chance of private health insurance disappearing in the near future, now is a popular time to become a business owner in this high-demand sector.

目前的青年夫妇投入了更多的精力在工作上,对家庭服务的需求不断增长。IBIS预计从现在到2022年,家庭高级护理特许经营权的年增长率将达到10.5%。家庭护理行业的需求范围很广,从传统护理(占市场份额的57.3%)到物理疗法,应有尽有。 随着不断增长的消费者基础以及私人健康保险在短期内消失的可能性很小,现在是成为这个高需求行业的企业主的热门时机。

7. Technology industry


Some aspiring business owners tend to steer clear of the seemingly daunting technology industry, but you don't have to launch the next Baidu to find your favourite technology venture. From social networking sites, e-libraries and phone repair shops, you can apply your expertise (whether in marketing, sales or operations) to technology-based gigs that are bound to thrive in today's digital world. Deloitte reports that while there is plenty of room for growth in the tech sector, growing companies should focus on cyber security as well as regulation, which is wise advice for any business in today's online world.


8. Household cleaning and maintenance industry


Home cleaning is one of many services that are in high demand due to the growing number of aging and retired adults, as well as the increase in disposable income nationwide. As long as our economy continues to be strong, you are well placed to become an owner of a home cleaning service business. One of the easiest ways to get started is to open a franchise. IBIS reports that franchises in the sector grew at an annual rate of 3% from 2012 to 2017, and although this may slow down as the sector becomes more saturated, the industry is still expected to continue to grow.


9. Travel and accommodation


It's safe to say that almost everyone (or someone they know) thinks a good way to retire is to open up bed and breakfast. Well, it turns out that's the case! With younger generations looking for out-of-the-box experiences and millennials spending more on luxury accommodation, consumers are opting for boutique accommodation experiences. ibis reports that this travel industry has grown by almost 5% in the last five years and is expected to continue to perform well. Even if you don't become a quaint hotel in the future, there is still room for growth and innovation in the tourism industry in terms of technology, food and wellness.


10. Sports and leisure industry


Setting up a sports and leisure small business may not seem like the most lucrative idea, but the industry is quietly growing and there are more players coming. Whether you are interested in coaching, teaching, hiring equipment or conducting facilitated activities, it is essential to have a creative and informative website so that generations of tech-savvy people can easily search for your business, even if it is simple.


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